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What $20 buys you at Goodwill

My fellow Thriftanista and I spotted the leopard print pants at the same time. She had her hand on them first but she gave them to me. They probably wouldn't fit her petite frame anyway. Two thrift lessons here. 1) The more people you shop with the more eyes likely to spot treasure. 2) Make sure your friend is a different size!
As you may know already, I’m a thrift store shopaholic. One of my most recent thrift store visits was to the Goodwill in North Riverside. I walked out of an estate sale with $20 left in my shopping budget so I ventured on over to a Goodwill I had never been in before. I don’t... Read more »

Chicago Scene: #StyleQueue Launch Party

Entering Ven Sherrod Studio
StyleQueue Launch Party Chicago sisters Vaughn and Meechy Monroe celebrated the launch of their online fashion boutique, StyleQueue, with a fabulous party at Ven Sherrod Studio Loft. Really fabulous. I cannot stress that enough. Gorgeous fashionable ladies everywhere. Great music, a fashion show, and cocktails plus a well stocked goodie bag for the first 50... Read more »

6 trends to shop at thrift store

As someone who is very fashion fickle, I have a hard time shelling out lots of cash for a piece that I will only wear one season or less. It’s one of the main reasons why I’m a thriftanista. Not only would I not be able to afford most of the clothes in my closet... Read more »