Thrift Shop Fashion & Style Tips

If Macklemore’s Thrift Shop has you poppin’ tags at Goodwill, here are some tips to help you look fabulous in your thrift fashion. Shopping at thrift and vintage shops add a unique quality to your style and the price is usually right! Here are 5 tips to help you incorporate thrift fashion into your wardrobe.

Wear amazing shoes

Shoe are the base to every outfit. Start off with an most amazing shoe and work from there. The right pair of shoes are an instant upgrade to any look. It’s true. Here's a test: drape a sheet over you toga style. Put on your flyest shoe. Go look in the mirror. Hot right?


Source: via Windy City Mama on Pinterest

Mix thrift fashion with the latest trends

Throwing in an accessory or two from thrift shops can punch up your look and set you apart from the 479,938 other people who bought the exact same piece. Add an 80s stretchy belt to your waist or a fabulous 60s rhinestone brooch to your top.



Know what works for your body

If pencil skirts look great on you, they are going to look good on you even if the skirt is from the 50s. Personally, high waistlines work for my body type so I, at the very least, try them on while out thrifting. Fashion is not necessarily about the latest trends. It's feeling good in whatever you choose to wear. (yeah, I said it!)



Mix decades

In order to avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume, break up the years. If you're going to wear vintage from head to toe, pick different decades. Wear vintage on top and current fashion on bottom. If you're wearing a vintage dress keep your accessories current. There are a lot of ways to break it up so that you don't look like you came straight out of a particular time period.



Be confident

Confidence is key in most situations. It's always in fashion and on trend. Every woman should have it. Trust me. You’ll look fabulous it whatever you wear!



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