The City: Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year Parade 2013

I'm usually not a parade person especially with the cold weather we have in the City. This was my first year attending Chicago's Chinese New Year Parade. This year's parade celebrated the Year of the Snake with firecrackers; HS bands performing to R&B classics; local business leaders and politicians; adorable little children and even bagpipes!

The best part was the performance from the Tong Liang Dragon dance team from Sichuan Province. Wow! Such fluid movements.

I'm glad I went and will definitely be at next year's parade. Funny that it took a non-local to get me out this event.

Cost: Free

Food and Drink

It's a parade! There are lots of places to eat in Chinatown. My friend and I feasted on Dim Sum at Three Happiness.

Cost: Free (I drove and friend bought me lunch).


Metered parking on street.

Cost: Free (friend paid!)

Want to see what I wore to the parade? Visit me at Thriftanista in the City.

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