Obama Wins Because I Said So

This is not a political blog at all. I enjoy writing about the lighter side of life -- having fun and pretty, sparkly things. Political discussions quickly turn into heated debates and virtual fisticuffs. Absolutely not what I'm looking for in my life.

I know the winner hasn't been decided. I voted for President Obama so naturally I've already proclaimed him the winner and still champion.

My top reasons for voting for President Obama:

  • 32 consecutive months of job growth and I'd like to see that continue.
  • President Obama believes that a woman's health care choices are between her and her doctor.
  • I don't want to see Obamacare overturned.

Even though I know who will win the Illinois electoral vote and this presidential election, I still went to the polls. It's my civic duty and I want to honor the women and African-Americans who struggled and fought so that I CAN vote today.

Whoever you vote for and whatever your reasons, be sure to vote!!!!

Now you tell me, who did you vote for? Or why you did/didn't vote? Go ahead and shout it out.

No judgements here.

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