CTU Strike — Days 1 & 2 Emotional Recap — Solidarity Forever

CTU Strike — Days 1 & 2 Emotional Recap — Solidarity Forever
I didn’t think this strike would happen. I still don’t think it will last more than a week, but every day that passes, I am less and less sure. The mood on the streets seems to increasingly be, “If we’re doing this, let’s do it right.” After all, the whole country is watching, even if... Read more »

CTU STRIKE — Day -3 — Standing Up To Bullies

Today, everyone who works in the Chicago Public Schools heard the same question: “Is there really going to be a strike?” And before answering, every educator who heard that question—in addition to having to weigh Rahm Emanuel’s ego against his likely ambition to run for President some day with union support, and in addition to... Read more »

The Chicago Tribune's Editorial Page Earns Failing Grade on Ed Reform

Dear Chicago Tribune Editorial Staff, I read your editorial today supporting Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s CPS school closings, and accusing teachers of opposing reform. I’m sorry, but I had to give it an F. This is not acceptable work for the editorial page of a major newspaper. You have failed in the simple assignment of reviewing... Read more »

Republican Teachers Could Lead Public Debate on Reform

Recently, I was online discussing with a veteran teacher the idea of more federal assistance to states for the purposes of hiring, rehiring, and retaining teachers and other school staff. The discussion moved along to testing, union protections, and other topics of education reform. It didn’t take long before we hit an impasse, less because... Read more »
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    Peter T. Walsh

    CPS security officer with an IL type 9 teaching certificate and an M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis on teaching English in secondary schools. I believe in a strong public school system reformed by educators. I attended The Lane School and Hinsdale Middle School in DuPage's Elementary District 181, and graduated in 2000 from Hinsdale Central High School (District 86). I will not be satisfied until public schools in Chicago are competitive with those that I was fortunate enough to attend as a child due only to accident of birth.

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    • Here here! I consider myself a CTU graduate not a CPS graduate. http://www.chicagonow.com/poli-chi/2012/09/chicago-teachers-strike-begins-how-it-will-affect-rahms-reelection/
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      You're quite welcome. Thanks for reading.
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    • Thanks for writing this. It's refreshing to hear an intelligent, thoughfully composed retort to the absolute nonsense that is ...
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