TWIL: About the "Jesus Year"

As it turns out, I live under a rock. A week ago, the wonderful Issa Rae turned 33 years old. Twitter – where I seem to be spending a lot of my time – sent her an abundance of birthday wishes. Among those were well-wishes for her “Jesus Year.” At first I thought this was... Read more »

TWIL: How Calories Work

Keeping with the spirit of the “new year, new me” attitude, a group of people at my job decided to start a Biggest Loser-style weight loss competition. I was there for its conception; before the new year, a coworker stopped to chat with me on a stairwell about how inactive they felt and how they... Read more »

TWIL: Not to Be Intimidated by New Experiences

When the clock struck midnight signaling the arrival of the new year, everyone was, naturally, in the spirit of celebration. My neighborhood was illuminated by nearby fireworks, my family texted me their “happy new year” messages, and, according to their Snapchat stories, my friends were having an abundantly good time. I, however, was asleep on my... Read more »
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