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Chicagoan stands against executions 20 years after Dead Man Walking

Chicago man Bill Pelke founded anti-death penalty organization Journey of Hope after his grandmother was killed in 1985 (photo credit: Andrew Langley – Local death penalty abolitionist Bill Pelke told Democracy Now:  “Once your heart is touched by compassion forgiveness becomes automatic.”  He explains how families of murder victims can make the journey from... Read more »

Microsoft Angers Gamer-Girls With Casual Put-Down

You want a piece of this, Microsoft? Microsoft can’t buy a break this month. All they probably wanted out of their keynote presentation at the E3 gamer’s convention in Los Angeles this week was to show off their new Xbox One to the gaming world.  The new box was heavily criticized by gamers after its... Read more »

Nelson Mandela As You've Never Heard Him

“We never thought that we would die in jail.  The morale was too high for that.  We knew that one day we would return.” by Redwhitenblack Recently the program Ideas on CBC and NPR radio aired a magnificent show delving into the life of Nelson Mandela.  The source material was a set of interview tapes... Read more »

Thoughts On Losing Aaron Swartz and the Last Days of Tomas Young

Aaron Swartz (right) died in January of suicide facing federal prosecution. Tomas Young (left) plans to end his own life in April (photo taken from the documentary “Body of War”) by Redwhitenblack, TC|TW editor Back in January my circle of friends and acquaintances was shaken to the core when a young activist and tech innovator... Read more »

Two Reasons Black People Are Mad Today That Have Nothing To Do With Voting Rights

By Redwhitenblack Ah, yes.  That’s the Alsip I remember. If you’re keeping score, near-southern Chicago suburb Alsip, IL last made the papers in a cemetary scandal that involved recycling grave plots in the resting place of Emmitt Till. Before that, it was a father-son tandem jumping onto the field at Comiskey Park (do NOT correct... Read more »

Watch Adele Blow Her Own Mind Singing "Skyfall" - Monday Mix

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Happy Monday morning.  Feeling good today?  Well, hope this helps. We don’t go pop very often around here.  But when we do, we do it right.  If you missed Adele bringing down the house at the Academy Awards last night don’t worry, TC|TW’s got you covered.  Her performance is posted here on our Facebook page(via... Read more »

There Are No Heroes In The Chris Dorner Saga (+ News & Notes)

by Redwhitenblack, TC|TW Editor Let’s get this out of the way right now – what Christopher Dorner did was wrong.   Much of the public debate about the weeklong ordeal in the California hills focuses on how wrong Chris Dorner was.  I’m not sure that point is worthy of much debate though. It may be far... Read more »

Chicago's Violence, One Friend to Another (Video)

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(If the embedded video fails you can view the video of rival gang-members playing basketball at St. Sabina here) Happy President’s Day everyone! How am I putting together a sheet right now?  I’m not even supposed to be here today!  At least I don’t have it as rough as Dante & the other boys of... Read more »

Quote of the Day: Cliff Guffey, president of the American Postal Workers Union

“These across-the-board cutbacks will weaken the nation’s mail system and put it on a path to privatization.” Look, these days I hate mail.  If I can get one extra day a week where I don’t get bills, credit offers, or letters from George Soros asking me help to him out with a couple of bucks... Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Quit Playing With My Emotions!

Shameless though this is, I can barely hold my water about Facebook’s new Graph Search feature.  But, first thing’s first…great job guys making a Facebook video, about Facebook, that you can’t actually share ON Facebook. I wanted to post the second video by itself, the one with Mark and a few other developers talking... Read more »