Watch Adele Blow Her Own Mind Singing "Skyfall" - Monday Mix

Happy Monday morning.  Feeling good today?  Well, hope this helps.

We don't go pop very often around here.  But when we do, we do it right.  If you missed Adele bringing down the house at the Academy Awards last night don't worry, TC|TW's got you covered.  Her performance is posted here on our Facebook page(via Buzzfeed, this is how we keep the copyright cops happy).

And as a tribute here's a video of Adele covering Bonnie Raitt.  I love the hitch she has in her voice that makes every song completely hers.

Stick with the playlist after the Oscar-winner if you want to tumble down a really funky Youtube rabbit-hole with me for about 20 minutes.

Command the day, everyone.

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