Mark Zuckerberg Quit Playing With My Emotions!

Shameless though this is, I can barely hold my water about Facebook's new Graph Search feature.  But, first thing's first...great job guys making a Facebook video, about Facebook, that you can't actually share ON Facebook.

I wanted to post the second video by itself, the one with Mark and a few other developers talking about the functionality of Graph Search.  But there's no share button to do so.  Yet, I refuse to take this as a bad omen.

What's bad is that I have to join a waiting list.  And until I am chosen for the great and honorable privilege of trying out Graph Search I am forced to hunt through my own profile using Ctrl+F if I want to find something I posted from last month.

C'mon Mark!  When you started the switch to the two-branch Timeline interface did I bitch about that?  Did I grind out every last moment I could on the old interface before you finally had to come in like the Mod Squad, or the crew from Extreme Makeover: Digital Edition and forcibly rearrange my online life like so many others?  No.  Hello, early adopter here!

And now, here I am writing an article online helping you create that buzz you guys like so much.   Being a search geek has never been so frustrating.

Wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?

<sigh> Here's to first world problems on a third world blog.  "Like" if you're similarly impatient.


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