Kirk Among Senators Calling for Syria Sanctions

Kirk Among Senators Calling for Syria Sanctions

Last month I wrote an article excoriating Senator Mark Kirk's record beginning with his position on U.S. debt.  It started out:

Let's take a quick look at Senator Mark Kirk's record.Back in 2009 then Congressman Mark Kirk decided to take a little vacation to China to tell them not to lend to the U.S. anymore because we're no longer good for it.  Of course, with his Senate vote he's now doing his best to fulfill his own bit of prophecy.

I'm a firm believer in holding our elected officials accountable.  We tend to get the democracy we deserve.  I am also a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due.  Since that last article, Senator Kirk has gone on a terrific streak of good decision-making and responsible statesmanship.  To begin with, he did not hold fast to the untenable position he expressed to the Chinese and, in fact expressed his intention vote in favor of the compromise bill to raise the federal debt limit according to a Tribune article on Aug 1.  He made good on that when his time to vote came.

Not only that, but he voted in favor of the bill to re-authorize the FAA to keep the 70,000+ employees from experiencing their own personal defaults, and to keep O'hare airport humming.  Thank you Senator Kirk.

And according to this article Senator Kirk along with Senators Lieberman (I-CT) and Gillibrand (D-NY) are seeking to do the Obama administration one better on tackling the atrocities that are taking place in Syria.

While America has been bickering over what to do about our finances, Syria took that time to move from a steadfast persecution of activists and reformers to a full-scale war on its own population.  They've opened fire on crowds with no concern for women and children.  Moreover, they've actually targeted women and minors in many of their assaults along with disappearances and the ongoing siege in Hama. The death toll to date is in the tens of thousands.

The Senators are calling for sanctions as firm as the U.S. currently imposes on Iran, and more importantly on companies that seek to invest in Syria.  And yes those sanctions would extend to energy contractors.  Hopefully this push will get the regime's attention as well as the attention of holdouts in the United Nations Security Council who have blocked unanimous action against Syria in response.

Again, thank you Senator Kirk for showing leadership in this international crisis.  Contact Senator Mark Kirk if you'd like to thank him as well, and urge the Senate to move on this as quickly as possible.  Nothing could be better than for the Senate to enjoy its recess knowing they did everything possible to end the brutality in Syria.

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