[campaign] Senator Kirk Wants Your Opinion

[campaign] Senator Kirk Wants Your Opinion

Let's take a quick look at Senator Mark Kirk's record.

Back in 2009 then Congressman Mark Kirk decided to take a little vacation to China to tell them not to lend to the U.S. anymore because we're no longer good for it.  Of course, with his Senate vote he's now doing his best to fulfill his own bit of prophecy.     http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/michaeltomasky/2009/jun/10/mark-kirk-china-budget-numbers

From the muck that was the race for President Obama's Senate chair who should emerge but Mark Kirk?  With a landslide 48% victory, Kirk believed he had a clear mandate to do whatever it is he does.  Personally, I'm still steamed about that election.  In my little election precinct on the far south side I noticed that more than half of the addresses had been challenged - meaning that people have to show two forms of ID to cast their votes.  This can only happen through the County Election Board so my suspicion is that Kirk's office paid someone off to challenge voter addresses in black precincts.

Kirk is the literal embodiment of the all the reasons why my blog avatar is "The Scream".

Of course he got away with it because the Giannoulias campaign seemed intent on losing that race anyway they knew how and the Green Party candidate LeAlan Jones was kind enough to stay dutifully anonymous like 3rd parties are supposed to in this town.

And now he's push polling on his website.

Naperville.  Love the Riverwalk but you can keep your effing Congressman.

The question:  Should foreign terrorists be brought to the U.S. and given Constitutional Rights?  As though President Obama were trying to institute some kind of terrorist exchange program with the College of Dupage.  But are they terrorists?  How do we know if we don't try them?  Perhaps the question should be:  Should the United States live up to its Constitutional obligations regardless of the circumstances, or should we just assume anybody with a turban who gets snitched on is a threat to our security?

But the question is what it is.  And here it is:  http://kirk.enews.senate.gov/mail/util.cfm?gpiv=2100074868.36130.26&gen=1

Toward the bottom you can respond to his loaded question.  Please do.  And remember, this is Chicago.  Vote as often as you want.


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