Stealth Grooming Tip: Avoid Dilbert Collar

Stealth Grooming Tip: Avoid Dilbert Collar
Simple truth: Dilbert was no fashion icon.

The other day I was sitting in Lavazza enjoying a nice double espresso after a needless night of watching hockey, followed by needless extras from the bar, only to get irked by another man's collar.

He was dressed in a nice suit --even though it was a little hot that day-- with a top notch dress shirt and a sweet navy knit tie, while sipping and talking with a pretty blonde. And despite the fact that his shirt was pressed nice and probably a notable brand like Pink or Boss, he failed to take care of one minor detail. He had what I call "Dilbert collar".

Dilbert collar is the occurrence of your shirt collar popping up or buckling in a concave shape toward the sky, as if you were subliminally promoting The Bell Curve. What Dilbert collar says about you is that you fail to grasp the minor details of your personal dress code. Or worse yet, that it wouldn't occur to you to address the fine points.

A simple solution is something called collar stays. They are plastic or metal strips with a point that slip into the bottom side of your collar tip. The best thing about stays is that they tend to come with shirts that you buy, if your shirts are of any decent quality.

Metal collar stays cost about $10 or less for a box. Buy some.

Shirts from Banana Republic and the Gap, as well as Beene and pricey brands all come with a set. Better yet, they're cheap to buy by the set, and you need not purchase Armani stays to achieve your goal. No one will see them. But people will notice if they are not there.

Would you hire an investment banker with Dilbert collar? Probably not. If you can afford a shirt starting at $185.00 retail, you'd damn well be able to afford the 10 bucks to seal the deal.

Might sound like a minor detail, something not to get your shirt wrinkled about. But if you're up for the kind of business and social that demands a great suit and an even better shirt, don't neglect the overall look.

You wouldn't wear a pair or vintage Jordans and forget the laces, would you?

Pep Pallenburg enjoys (yet obsesses about) the simple things in life like how to dress yourself and not look like a dork. Follow him on Twitter at @WomanizerThinkr

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