For The First Time EVER, I Refuse To Vote

For The First Time EVER, I Refuse To Vote

I've voted in elections where turnout has been extremely low and apathy should have kicked in. I've voted in elections where my candidate of choice had zero chance of winning and my vote was generally considered useless. I've voted in elections where turnout has been extremely high and long lines would have turned off other voters.

In other words, I always vote.

I've always voted ever since I had the legal right to do so. It didn't matter to me what the weather was. I was proud to vote.

And today's election is historic in the sense that it is Chicago's first-ever mayoral runoff election. So you'd think that going out to vote today would be a no-brainer.

Um, no.

Today, for the first time EVER, I refuse to vote.

One of my choices is the far-left megaliberal Rahm Emanuel. The guy whose legacy is installing a ton of red light cameras and speeding cameras, only to repeatedly disobey them himself. The guy who wants to use public park land for an Obama presidential library. The guy who couldn't care less about you until he needs your vote.

My other choice is Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, a liberal in his own right. The guy who has two of the city's biggest unions supporting him. (I despise unions but that's for another column.) The guy who has the endorsement of Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., which automatically makes me want to vote against Garcia. The guy who has no clue how to handle budgets and finances.

Incidentally, what's funny to me is that all the liberals who cringed at the thought of Sarah Palin running the country are totally enthused about Chuy Garcia running the city. Does hypocrisy taste better when you cook it yourself?

This is like a choice between poking your eyes out or cutting off both your arms and both your legs. I exaggerate, of course, but not by much, believe me.

Because Chicago changed their election system from the primary-to-general-election system to this current system, I have finally met my match as a voter, where I cannot find anything redeeming about either of these two candidates.

In tonight's election, I can't even vote between the lesser of two evils because both evils are equal. I can either vote for Satan, or I can vote for Beezelbub.

In the February election, I was happy to vote for Chuy not because I actually liked Chuy but b/c I wanted to send Rahm a message. But now that the vote really does come down to Chuy vs. Rahm, it is like having the choice to either drink arsenic or drink cyanide.

No thanks. I'll have a glass of milk from grass-fed cows tonight.

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  • I'm still stunned that Americans have given themselves only two choices in the major political parties. I'm horrified that so many "Christians" are supporting Humpty Trumpty....and may God have mercy on this nation..

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