Who would you most like to meet? For me, someday I'll meet my other kids

Who would you most like to meet? For me, someday I'll meet my other kids

When I meet people, I like to ask them "Who is the one person you'd most like to meet?"

Since many people I know are Christians, most of them reply with "Jesus."

OK, yeah. Me too.

The reason I ask this question is because it's an easy way to dig a little deeper into who they are, who they like, how they think, etc. So I invariably follow up with, "Besides Jesus."

And then I get some really interesting answers (not that 'Jesus' isn't an interesting answer, but I'm looking for a less obvious choice.)

But as I pondered whom I would personally most want to meet, I suddenly realized how difficult it is to answer that question (besides answering with Jesus).

Some current possibilities

I have a number of people who are still alive today whom I might want to meet.

I grew up with a single mom. I never met my dad. In fact, the dad whom my mom told me was my dad was later in dispute as being my real dad. It's a complicated tale but suffice it to say that not only have I not met my dad, I don't even know who my real dad is. On some levels, it would be interesting to meet him.

At the same time, I've lived for over four decades without a dad. While this would seem to bother a lot of other guys, I've never really had any curiosity about him all those years for whatever reason. So I don't have a burning desire to see him now either. It's kinda strange to admit but it's entirely true. I guess I've made it this far without him, so what's the point?

Another person I considered was Barack Obama. Yes, Obama. I guess a small part of me wants to know how he could betray his so-called Christian faith and violate fundamental issues of the faith. It's almost as if he intentionally wants to make Christians look even more like hypocrites. But then again, there are plenty of people who claim to be Christians and don't walk the walk at all just like Obama so no point in wasting my opportunity to meet anyone I wanted on Obama.

Another person I considered was Voddie Baucham. He's inspired me in so many ways and really took my faith to a deeper level. Then again, there are others like him who have helped me grow spiritually (Tony Evans, Hank Hanegraaff, James Dobson, Ken Ham, etc.) so I don't know if I could single out Voddie. I've already met other great spiritual influences like Erwin Lutzer, Rob Rienow, Kevin Swanson and Israel Wayne. My wife has met the amazing Janet Willis and that's good enough for me. I haven't met the Duggars but I have met a couple of their inspirational daughters and that too was good enough for me.

I've considered celebrities and athletes but it seems sort of hollow to meet someone like that. I'm as big a Michael Jordan fan as the next guy and I admire Tim Tebow for being true to himself when everyone was pressuring him to hide his faith. And like others, I've always wondered how Bruce Lee developed his Jeet Kune Do style of martial arts. But I don't adore any celebrity or athlete that much where I'd want to single out that person above all others. I'm just not into hero worship.

And Facebook allows us to meet some "long-lost" friends from high school and grammar school, so I've kind of already met them. In a weird way, I guess seeing people "virtually" on Facebook kills the desire to really want to see them in person.

Some historic possibilities

Having exhausted the candidates who are still alive, I turned to people who have lived in the past.

Any of the Founding Fathers would be interesting (after having watched the musical movie 1776). As would the first Pilgrims. The birth of the nation—both actual and legal—is dramatic in many ways.

Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. are past faith figures who changed history. Other people in the Bible (besides Jesus) would be fascinating to meet also, such as Noah, Adam & Eve or the apostle Paul.

I actually have a longer list of historical people than I have listed here but the interest in all of them is simply not very compelling if I'm trying to pick one above all others.

My other kids

Then it dawned on me. The people I'd most like to meet are not famous people, dead or alive. They're not people I know, past or present. The people I'd most like to meet are my other kids. By that, I mean the two kids who were miscarried.

I have kids and I love each of them to death. But my wife had two miscarriages, and like other parents who have miscarried or lost kids shortly after birth, you always wonder what they would have been like had they lived.

Each of my kids has his/her own personality. It's pretty interesting how God works that out. Clearly, personality is not genetic :)  Watching them makes me think what my two other kids would have been like.

I don't dwell on it too much, thankfully, because I know that if our first miscarriage did not happen and the child continued to live, we would not have had one of our existing kids since he was conceived shortly after that miscarriage. In the end, I am reminded of Matthew 5:4: "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." God comforts us in that way, just as He has done for other Christian families I know who suffered the loss of a child during birth, after birth or before birth as a miscarriage.

Bottom line

So to answer that unwittingly tricky question, "Who would you most like to meet (besides Jesus)?" I have a deeply personal answer. I'm not intentionally trying to avoid being superficial (hey, Taylor Swift is interesting in her own right) but my answer came from my heart after a period of searching.

The seriously uplifting thing is knowing that I know someday I really will meet the people I've wanted to meet. Jesus promised that the kingdom of heaven belongs to people such as children. My two miscarried children are in heaven. The Bible says God knit a soul in them the second they were conceived.

And I will see them in heaven someday.

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