Which celebrities are liberal or conservative (or confused)?

Which celebrities are liberal or conservative (or confused)?
Justin Timberlake, a favorite among some Christians, is...

My daughter is reading a book called "Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused?" It's a book that discusses political labels.

Recently, I stumbled across this interesting web site called The Hollowverse. It brought to mind my daughter's book title because this site tells you what religion a celebrity follows and what their political views are. In other words, which celebrities are liberal? Or conservative? Or confused? All you have to do is enter the name of the celebrity you want to know about.

Obviously, most of Hollywood is liberal. You don't need that Hollowverse web site to tell you that. But stereotyping is often detrimental and I did find some interesting individual tidbits:

  • Taylor Swift. The singer is a Christian and has voted Republican, but also has voiced past support to Obama. Status: confused.
  • Justin Timberlake. The singer is popular even among some people who go to my church. Though he was raised Southern Baptist, he now considers himself "spiritual" instead of "religious." Further, he is a repeat Obama supporter and supports gay rights. Status: liberal.
  • Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers quarterback is apparently a devout Christian...but then he is a union rep and wanted to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker—two decidedly liberal stances. Status: confused.
  • Robert Downey Jr. The Iron Man actor does not affiliate with any particular religion but is a conservative Republican. Status: conservative.
  • Gisele Bündchen. The supermodel is still Catholic but is a pro-choice liberal. Status: confused.
  • Chris Evans. The Captain America actor grew up Catholic but is currently at odds with the character he plays with his pantheistic views and very liberal stances on big government and gay marriage. Status: liberal.
  • Christian Bale. The Dark Knight actor appears to be a Republican and attended NRA activist Charlton Heston's funeral. Status: probable conservative.

You may notice that many people in Hollywood who still identify themselves as Catholic but vote Democratic (actress Nicole Kidman, singer Nicole Scherzinger, actor Alec Baldwin, former actress Brooke Shields, etc.). This is not unheard of but I've always found that kind of worldview conflict odd since official Catholic stances on social issues agree with Republicans rather than Democrats. I'd say all such people are confused. Maybe this interesting phenomenon will be the subject of a future post.

For me, this site was helpful in reminding me that not every famous person is a liberal Democrat. Sure, it's rare to find devout Christians who are household names (like basketball star Kevin Durant), but you may also still find a few people who may be more conservative than meets the eye (like Robert Downey Jr. or Christian Bale).

The site is not without flaws. For one, it is often painfully slow. There are also no summary pages of who's liberal, who's conservative, who's Democrats, who's Republican, etc. Additionally, the site, while impressively replete with people, is incomplete. For example it doesn't list several famous athletes, such as baseball stars Clayton Kershaw or Andrew McCutcheon (who are both presumed conservatives). Lastly, it doesn't seem to be updated anymore; most articles were last written or updated in 2012.

In any event, we all know that our role models should not be celebrities (right, Charles Barkley?). For Christians, this is especially true given today's generally liberal Hollywood environment. And a site like this can help remind Christians not to idolize famous people.

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    Like his late father, Bale actively supports environmental groups such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund. Along with his wife Sibi, he is on the Board of Trustees of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.[107] Bale is also the stepson of feminist Gloria Steinem.[108][109]

  • The question is phrased as an insult to people who are middle of the road in politics. There’s no confusion.
    Those in the middle are the intelligent ones who consider both sides of an issue before taking a stand. Those who go down party lines and obey their party’s position are not free thinkers. Only those that look at both sides, take a stand from an intelligent position.

  • @curlyjoe - the question in the title does not imply the people in the middle of the road in politics are confused lol. It means maybe celebrities don't even know which ideology then lean towards.
    That said, I think you overstate the intelligence people who don't follow a specific party and understate the intelligence of people who do follow a specific party. There are intelligent people among Dems, Republicans and Independents...as well as not-so-intelligent people among Dems, Republicans and Independents.

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