Rahm Emanuel red light problems continue

Rahm Emanuel red light problems continue

Rahm Emanuel red light problems have been uncovered again, including three times in January 2015 alone, according to ABC7Chicago.

This after being caught by the same news station twice before. I guess you gotta give the mayor points for stubbornness.

Emanuel's tickets increased by five since November and he now has a total of 33 red light tickets.


Of all the people I know, they don't even have 33 tickets combined, red light or otherwise.

Inane excuses

Back in May 2014 when Emanuel was reported by the news station as being caught on camera disobeying the law and stockpiling nearly two dozen tickets since 2012, he said,

"No one is above the law. Obey the law. Period. Full stop."


Even back then, you knew Emanuel was a hypocrite. You could understand one ticket, maybe two. But racking up 20 tickets?

What's more, Emanuel never apologized for his transgressions when confronted.

And within an hour after saying he would tell his drivers to obey the law, his motorcade was caught going 12 miles over the limit near Douglas Park.

Talk about hot air from politicians.

Consider these other gems:

  • In 2011, Emanuel said the red light cameras were "...supposed to work as a deterrent."

    Their effectiveness? Not so much, given Emanuel's repeated defiance of the cameras.

  • In September 2014, ABC7 reported that Emanuel got eight more violations in the four months since the first report.City Hall merely replied that "the security detail has incurred additional tickets, all of which were paid by the mayor (Wednesday), as soon as we were made aware of them."

    This was apparently an attempt to diffuse the previous report that all of Emanuel's prior 20 tickets were dismissed. Of course, absent was again any sign of remorse.

  • When caught this month, Emanuel said, "First and foremost, red lights are there for public safety and traffic safety."

    So Emanuel must not care about public safety or traffic safety since he continues to blatantly disregard those red lights.

  • Emanuel also added, "When there is a tail car, given there are some instances where they need to get through the light, because they can't get separated from first car, that may be what it is."

    Not being separated is just a protocol, not a law. And such a protocol is not protected by Illinois state law when it comes to violating traffic laws. You know, the first car could simply not go through the intersection if the two cars have to stay together. It's not that hard, especially with the "Don't Walk" countdown timers at most intersections now.

  • When reminded that he previously said no one was above the law, Emanuel replied, "I said I was going to pay it, that is what I meant when I say 'above the law'. I couldn't be more clear."Real clear. As long as you can pay the fine, it's okay to keep violating the law. (Emanuel is also implying that it helps to be in that 1%.)

His Dizzoner

Emanual has not only repeatedly broke the law, he has also repeatedly shown no remorse for breaking the law. Remember, red light cameras are not everywhere. These 33 tickets were only from those intersections with cameras. Imagine how many intersections Emanuel's crew has run red lights that do not have cameras.

What's more, the Chicago Tribune found that the city's red light cameras don't provide the dramatic safety benefits that Emanuel has constantly touted. In some cases, crashes actually went up. In other cases, cameras were installed in locations where crashes have been historically low to begin with.

Two nights ago, I drove on Cicero Avenue between Lawrence and Foster. On one side of Cicero is I-94. On the other side of Cicero are side streets and houses. Yet there is a speed camera in that stretch of Cicero with a speed limit sign that says "Park." But there is no park anywhere to be found; it's a complete fabrication. That stretch of straightaway road is purely a money grab to catch speeding drivers.

Everyone and their dog knows the red light program, beset by mismanagement, malfunction and a $2 million bribery scandal, was intended first and foremost to increase city revenue. The supposed safety benefits and how it will protect kids are mere talking points to put a good public face to what everyone knows is simply a money-grab.

No one likes the red light camera program even if Emanuel abided by it just like everyone else. But when the mayor flaunts his disregard for the money-grab program he vehemently defends...?

On an unrelated note, remember, the Chicago mayoral election is coming up in less than a month away, on February 24, 2015.

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