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Spirit Airlines: Where Less is Less

Spirit Airlines: Where Less is Less
A few weeks ago I was invited by my former boss to visit Houston, Texas to discuss the possibility of going back to work for her. I told her that  I’d be happy to fly down there as long as the company paid for my ticket. I was instructed to forward the reservation and the travel agency would take care... Read more »

The Cure at Lollapalooza

  Watch the QBrothers rapping “I’m a Wolverine”…here: Wolverine at Lollapalooza I love music. I’m about 10.25% Cuban, so that might explain why every time I hear a tune with any sort of rhythm, my body starts shaking -almost involuntarily- as if I were having a mild seizure. This has never been an issue when... Read more »

What’s In a Name Such as North West?

  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet”. ~ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet After three days of media speculation about the name of Kim and Kanye’s baby girl, the duo made it official: North West. Where?! What?! I couldn’t help thinking of the... Read more »

Pope-A-Licious! I Am A Sinner And So Are You

When I was in the second grade, one of the nuns at the school I attended died. Sister Esthela, my teacher, thought it would be a great idea to take a bunch of 7-year -olds to the convent to pray for her soul. She marched us up the hill—where the convent sat quietly overlooking the school— and into... Read more »

Why Naomi Watts Won't Win the Oscar

In 1992 I ran into Michael Jordan at the now foreclosed Lakeshore Athletic Club. He was doing bicep curls. I guess he was used to seeing paralyzed people in front of him, so he didn’t flinch as I stood there; he just kept doing his thing. The only thing I could think of in my dreamlike... Read more »

Dearly Detested

Once I knew this couple; he was a charming, handsome, successful attorney and she -despite a horrid perm- was an intelligent, assertive, sexy blonde. It was the 80s. If you looked at them with no context at all, you’d think “These two make a great couple.” And they did, for a weekend, until he decided to... Read more »

Bed, Bath and Beyonce

Two things have occupied my mind in the last couple of weeks: my brand new Keurig coffee-maker and Obama’s Inauguration shenanigans. I love that word: shenanigans. It reminds me of a bar in Chicago I used to go to trick guys into buying me drinks. I mean, I didn’t trick them, per se. Guys at... Read more »