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David Bowie's Requiem

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I remember the day my father came home with David Bowie’s LP ‘Let’s Dance’. It was probably Saturday or Sunday, because my whole family started dancing as soon as he played it on the stereo. My mother, whose English was quite deficient, clapped her hands to the sound of the music and sang ‘Less dans!’... Read more »

Nelson Mandela: His Name Was “Troublemaker”

As the world mourns Nelson Mandela and the details of his life roll in through every media outlet, I am struck mostly by a little known fact: his given name was Rolihlahla, which in Xhosa means “Troublemaker”. Nomen est omen. Your name is your destiny. When Mandela was freed from prison and I heard the... Read more »

About Mothers and Trees

I woke up this morning to a beautiful gift from Mother Nature: my crab-apple tree stood outside my kitchen window in full bloom. It made me smile, not only for its beauty, but because today is Mother’s Day in Mexico and my husband had warned me that, after living in the USA for 20 years,... Read more »

Jason Collins is Gay. Jason Who?

The first day of First Grade in elementary school is one that I remember vividly. Not because I was the new kid in school that spoke no English and I was wearing a hideous light blue kiddie leisure suit that my mom forced me to put on, but because I met an amazing individual who for... Read more »

Dearly Detested

Once I knew this couple; he was a charming, handsome, successful attorney and she -despite a horrid perm- was an intelligent, assertive, sexy blonde. It was the 80s. If you looked at them with no context at all, you’d think “These two make a great couple.” And they did, for a weekend, until he decided to... Read more »