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the3six5 Chicago Chat #1: April 13 at 2pm CST!

Since we announced the3six5 Chicago, we’ve had a lot of questions about the project. To help answer some of them, we’re holding the first the3six5 Chicago chat, which will be live on Chicago Now — at this same URL — April 13, 2011 at 2pm CST! During the chat, we’ll take your questions on the... Read more »

the3six5 Chicago: 2011 author list

Here’s our running list of authors and dates for our 2011 edition. If you see any broken links, please do us a favor and email us at the3six5chicago[at]gmail[dot]com. NOTE: Based on the response, we may change the project’s start date. _______________________________ 7/1/2011: Joe Janes 7/2/2011: Andrew Reilly 7/3/2011: Dan Mayer 7/4/2011: Kris McDermott 7/5/2011: Jennifer... Read more »

the3six5 Chicago: Call for editors

Are you interested in making a deeper investment in the3six5 Chicago? Please consider being one of our editors! What must the3six5 editors have? Overall, it’s the same kind of commitment to the project that drives Len and Daniel (the project’s co-founders) to post each and every day. More specifically: Post participants’ writing each and every... Read more »

the3six5 Chicago call for authors

In 2010, we opened up 365 spots for people across the world to share their story. We’re going to conntinue the project in 2011, but we’re also expanding to local markets starting with Chicago. We’re now asking you to consider being 1/365th of the story that will help create a time capsule for the coming... Read more »

Welcome to the3six5 Chicago!

Welcome to the3six5 Chicago! the3six5 originally started in 2009, when Chicagoans Daniel Honigman and Len Kendall launched the3six5 as an experiment, really. It was an opportunity for people across the globe to share one day of their life, amongst 364 others who would be doing the same. In doing so, they helped write the story... Read more »