December 2, 2011: Rachel Green

December 2, 2011: Rachel Green

Waking up to your face glued to a MAC keyboard, a half empty can of red bull next to my bed, and 20 text messages on your cell phone screen, is normally how my day begins. Today was no different.

Before I can do anything, I say a prayer. "Dear Lord, Please grant me the wisdom of Solomon, the courage of Daniel, the strength of Samson, the patience of Job, and the leadership of Moses." That's better! Now I can take on the world.

I check my calendar and it's jammed packed. Meetings after meetings, on top of meetings and meetings. Guess I better hop to it. Shower time it is.

I let the water run for a few secs and jump in.  Cold water hits me and now I'm really awake. What's going on? Why is this water so cold? Maybe the pilot went out.

In a towel, a purple shower cap, and pink & green flip flops I dash down stairs. Splash. Water everywhere.

My water heater committed suicide and I was furious.

Who knew the funeral service of a water heater would be so expensive. Trip to Homewood Home Depot. Cost: $309 for a replacement, $125 for delivery, tax and $45 for installation (Thank God that I knew someone that knew someone for a discount).  At least they were pleasant as they took all my money.

After cleaning the scene of the crime, I was beat. My reward: a nice hot shower, a cold red bull and a work load that doesn't quit.

I wonder how I'll wake up tomorrow morning.


About the author: Rachel Green is the founder of A Brand Called U PR. A true champ. This business owner and single mother of two, never lets a challenge hold her back.  Follow her on Twitter at @rgreenwalker.

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