October 6, 2011 : Justin Kenyon

October 6, 2011 : Justin Kenyon

My alarm sounds its first of many cycles. Nothing is different this morning, save from my twitter feed that I continue to read as I try and leap past my grogginess and wake up. A few more snoozable alarm cycles pass by and I continue reading the stream. It is very difficult to avoid any story regarding Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, and his passing.

This is a great day in Chicago if you like spring weather. Since we didn't get a spring this year it seems fitting that Mother Nature would throw it in quickly before we nose dive into one of the worst winters in Chicago's history. I won't pretend though that I am a native, I just moved here in the middle of last winter from Boston. While the Northeast has its fair share of outrageous weather, surely the Chicago winter stories are not simply stated for bragging rights.

This morning’s bus is as packed as usual, but the familiar faces are a comforting reminder that I am getting closer and closer to feeling like this city was a good choice. I am starting to really feel the sense of community that Chicago has to offer. I guess it’s fitting that when you are packed like sardines in a moving steel box, you have no choice but to get friendly.

With the passing of such a huge icon in the world I feel the need to give some overdue credit and thanks. Steve Jobs is the reason I am in Chicago, and the reason I do the work that I do. He created things that the world loves and created a spot for people like me to help others enjoy them.

Also, I credit Chicago in allowing us all to enjoy the different parts in life that bring us together. From bus rides and food trucks to beautiful skylines and beach polo.

Thank you to Steve. Thank you to Chicago. And, thank you to Mother Nature for giving us one last 80-degree day that we can remember when we are eventually knee deep in snow.

Now the day is done and I have a date in a metal steel box with some of my favorite sardines.


About the author: Justin Kenyon (@kenyonj) is a technologist in the ad field. He and his wife are recent Chicago transplants from Boston. Student of the Russian language and recent graduate of a 10 day juice fast.

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