October 4, 2011 : Ian Sohn

October 4, 2011 : Ian Sohn

It's 6:43am on October 3, 2011. Sorry, make that October 4.

I got a new watch I got for my 40th birthday. Fancy. Italian, I think. Quite lovely. Even has lots of small meaningless dials within the bigger face - true mark of a nice watch I suppose. Problem is I can’t figure out how to set the date – it’s always a day or so behind. It can be troubling, I guess.

Going to visit a client tonight. Bringing the new overnight bag I got for my 40th birthday. It's pretty fancy too. Quite sophisticated but not at all stuffy. The magazines tell me it projects the perfect balance between professional and cool. I suppose that's true. Wish it had another inside pocket for toiletries – it’s seems rather uncouth for my button-down to share space with my toothbrush. I’ll live.

When I get to work I'll have meetings. Unfortunately no one has figured out how to gift a meeting-free day. But in those meetings I'll take notes with a fancy new pen – you guessed it – 40th birthday. It's silver - big upgrade from my plastic number. I've seen the President sign important bills with fancy pens like this. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Personally I'd take my chances with the sword. Only thing is, my new pen is really heavy – weighs down my sportcoat. I’m sure no one notices.

The watch. The bag. The pen. Their imperfections are perfectly emblematic of what I love about Chicago.

So we’re a day or two (or year) behind New York – we don’t really sweat it. It’ll get here eventually (whatever It is).

Maybe we’re a bit unkempt – but who can be worried about nattiness when it’s -14°?

And as a city we could probably stand to slim down a bit. But damn if your stinking paws are going to rip that hot dog and deep-dish off my plate (note: Chuck Heston, Chicago native).

I’ve always said New York is the greatest city in the world; Chicago the greatest city in the United States. We have our imperfections to thank for that. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


About the author: Ian Sohn (@IanSohn) is, among other things: a husband, dad, sports fanatic, marketer. He also believes Keith Moon is the finest drummer ever. Fact.


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