October 30, 2011 : Sam Ujvary

October 30, 2011 : Sam Ujvary

This weekend marks month 4 since I had a quarter-life crisis, which consisted of me quitting my job, overpacking a large suitcase, and driving to Chicago, leaving my comfortable Cincinnati life in my rearview mirror.

When my aunt and uncle opened their home to me, they offered me my own personal alarm clock in the form of my 8 and 4-year-old cousins, Morgan and Keegan, respectively. Today’s dark circles that even the best concealer can’t hide prove this to be a particularly early wakeup call.

While lack of sleep was never a deterrent from investing in a Sunday Funday, the inevitable realization that my youth is slowly slipping away hit me like a big Halloween party bus this morning. Suddenly, brunching over conversations that postgrad is better in theory is out, and playing “kitchen” with Keegan is in.

Today is the last day in my weekend-long celebration, so mustering up the energy to head to Kendall’s for football and Bloody Marys is becoming easier. I suppose if baseball season has to be over, then I may as well allow football into my life with open arms.

Much like my soul searching peers, after months of tireless applications, phone and second interviews, I finally landed a job. A job I’m actually going to do well. With a new apartment in the horizon, and an epic first Halloween in Chicago behind me, I’ve made an executive decision to pretend it isn’t raining outside, and to put on my rose colored glasses for just a little while longer. I fully intend to not waste one day of my twenties.


About the author:  Sam (@SaLouUjv) is a copywriter moonlighting as an optimistic cynic and living vicariously through her established Chicagoland friends. For now...

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