October 3, 2011 : Tina Stanton

October 3, 2011 : Tina Stanton

Six miles by train. Four miles on foot. Eight floors in heels. Ten miles in a cab. 733 miles by plane. That's the ground I covered today. It's a lot of ground. But the ground I'm most proud of is the four miles.

It's not a great distance. Yet, it's the farthest I'll run this week. Today there was a certain energy in the air. I felt a little lighter. Faster. I was certain other runners felt it too. Was it the weather? Was the wind at my back? As I passed a few runners along my route, we smiled and waved each other. Almost as if we all shared a secret.

Upon crossing the Dearborn bridge – which holds my favorite view of Chicago – another person was just about to start their run. We waved and said hello.

“Good run?” he asked.
“Great, perfect weather,” I replied.
“Tapering?” he asked.
“Yes,” I replied with a smile.
“Me too. Good luck on Sunday,” he replied.

The Chicago Marathon. That’s the secret we shared. Today’s four-miler didn’t feel like much.  But it brought me closer to the 26.2 miles I – along with tens of thousands of people – will run this Sunday, Oct. 9.


About the author: Tina Stanton, @tjstanton, Leo Burnett PR gal, marathon runner, dreamer, multi-tasker, coffee drinker (mornings), wine drinker (evenings), avid traveler and photographer.



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