October 24, 2011 : Jeff Willinger

October 24, 2011 : Jeff Willinger

This morning when I went for my Monday morning run out near Brookfield Zoo on the Salt Creek Trail, something was different. Yes, Fall was officially here in the Chicagoland area, but I did something that many of my friends had bragged and talked about(for years) but I had only imagined...I went running with my shiny new iPhone 4s-no more phone and iPod.  I am now one of them...and to accentuate the fact, I went with a white phone. This is going to change everything (I think).

I was an early adopter back in the day of the Motorola Razr Flip Phone...even purchased the pink/magenta for my daughters so they were the cool ones in their school. I migrated to various versions of the former very reliable Blackberry, drank the Windows juice, tried one of those phones out(not so great), before settling on my Motorola Atrix on the Android operating system. Needless to say, after crashing hundreds of times during my 6 months of ownership and other AT&T issues, I finally am drinking the Apple juice.

My first impression of the 4s:  less bells and whistles than the Android, but in the few hours I have been using it, it has been flawless and crazy fast. Emails sync, Tweets tweet, Facebook updates and have I mentioned Siri (the digital assistant living inside my iPhone). I asked Siri what the tallest building was in the United States and she correctly answered The Willis Tower. I was in love!

With Steve Jobs biography coming out today, and me finally coming around to the iPhone way of life, I can see what all the hub-bub is about. The lines on Michigan Avenue in front of the Apple store are actually justified! Overall I'm pleased with the iPhone 4S mainly for it's blazing speed. I'm also equally pleased that I was able to sell my old Atrix for nearly equal the price that I paid for a new 32 GB 4S. With all the snow we are expecting in Chicago this winter, I am certain I will give the phone’s camera a very good workout.


About the author: A character with character, Jeff Willinger (@jwillie) is Director of Social Computing, Intranets and Portals at Rightpoint in Chicago and the President of Social Media Club Chicago.  Most of his blog posts remain in his head.

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