October 2, 2011 : Gretchen Doores

October 2, 2011 : Gretchen Doores

Chicago, I Do

Sundays are usually my day to laze around in Christmas-themed pajamas and veg out to my cache of DVR’d House Hunters episodes. This Sunday’s been a bit different, however, since the fiancé and I are headed down for an engagement photo shoot in Millennium Park. We’re getting hitched right here in Chicago next summer and in our minds this spectacular park was a perfect place for pre-wedding pictures.

We’re meeting our photographer for the first time and while I’m excited to see what he can do, I’m also terrified I’m going to be horribly awkward. The reason? I’m one of the most unphotogenic people on Earth.

To elaborate, I have a pretty solid track record of ruining family photos with my half-closed eyes or goony looking grin, all of which I get heckled for later. So, the thought of having two full hours of photo fails is giving me a bit of a complex. Our photographer is a professional, though, so maybe he’ll figure out the key to getting me to look somewhat normal.

Worst comes to worst at least the fiancé will look sharp and the backdrop of serene greenery against the clean lines of skyscrapers.  The weather’s finally cooperating, it’s sunny and the trees are just starting to turn.

This is one of the days when Chicago is truly magical. People are happy, everyone’s outside enjoying a break from the rain and bitter cold.

Oh and the Bears are playing. Life is good.

Now, if I can get my eyelids to cooperate then it’ll be a picture perfect day. My makeup's done, my hair has some volume and I’m feeling optimistic. Finding parking could be problematic, but we should be able to make it work out.

It’s time to face my photographic destiny.


About the author: Gretchen Doores is a transplant from Toronto with an unhealthy love of food trucks, travel and HGTV shows. She lives with her fiancé in the burbs and tweets under the alias @canadiangal84.

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