October 19, 2011 : Sam Spratlin

October 19, 2011 : Sam Spratlin

My morning in Chicago started with getting out of Chicago. Destination Wisconsin for work meetings. It was dark outside this morning. And rainy. And windy. The girl on NPR was struggling for new adjectives to describe the weather. “Raw” and “biting” were two favorites. One time she said “excruciating.” People of the future on the internet, know that on this day, the weather was excruciating. Apparently the Lake Michigan waves were 30 feet high and the wind so fierce it could fold a man up like an empty chip bag.

They closed the lakefront path, so sadly, (or fortunately) there was no funny video of people being smashed by waves on the lakefront. Sometimes it’s ok to laugh at others misfortunes so long as they don’t drown or die.

Highlight: I totally Costanza’d the meeting I was in. I got huge laughs when I shared an anecdote during introductions. I couldn't just get up and leave on a high note, so I did the next best thing, spending the rest of the time sitting quietly typing this post. No way I was gonna ruin that first impression.

Meeting over, we carpool home, stopping to stock up on beer. They got this New Glarus beer up there that they don’t sell on the other side of the state line. (It’s like an incredibly boring Wisconsin version of a Smoky and the Bandit story.)

Now back in Chicago, it’s still dark. Still rainy. And still windy. Tough weather for us tough Chicagoans. People of Chicago on the internet in the future, I raise a bottle of Wisconsin beer and toast our toughness. Sometimes Lake Michigan’s cold waves knock us down, but we get up and keep going.

(Apologies for having talked so much about the weather. I don’t like talking about the weather. But it seems to have been the central theme of the day.)


About the author:  Sam Spratlin is a thinker/maker/caregiver working in advertising. His very literal Twitter handle is @samspratlin



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