October 17, 2011 : Elizabeth Donovan

October 17, 2011 : Elizabeth Donovan

I woke up as I have every day since April 20th, 2011, to the dulcet tones of my baby boy, Chase. Sometimes a cry, sometimes a coo but all are welcome sounds to me these days.

Today we are off to the doctor for Chase’s 6-month visit and what a ride it’s been so far!

I was introduced to Chase in Baton Rouge, LA on the day of his birth when his wonderful, selfless birthmother decided that Chase and I were a perfect match and belonged together. Getting to that day as a single woman with a VERY busy career was no small feat. But I was determined and knew Chase was out there waiting for me. I just needed to find him.

So here we are 6 months later and both loving every minute of our life together. I was so looking forward to this appointment because it is such a milestone and Chase is growing beautifully  - incredibly happy, healthy, and strong. Today he hit 20 lbs, 27 ½” – weight and height both at the 90th percentile! And his doctor, Dr Weissbluth (aka, “the sleep doctor” as he is widely known) was pleased to hear (almost as much as I!) that Chase is now sleeping through the night. A much-anticipated milestone!

Before we headed to the doctor’s office at Northwestern we met my sister and my 9-year old niece, Ava for lunch at Toast. They were coming from Children’s Hospital where Ava had her monthly IV of Remicade for the treatment of her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Since her diagnosis at 2 years, she has taught me so much about strength and perseverance. She is such an amazing little girl and will continue to be a fantastic example for Chase of how to gracefully and joyfully handle the many challenges that life throws us. So it was on this gorgeous fall day as we crossed the street to Oz Park, at Ava’s insistence on pushing Chase on the swing, that it struck me how very lucky he is to have her in his life.  As we all are!


About the author:   Elizabeth is a diehard Chicagoan and looks forward to sharing this great city with her newly adopted son, Chase. She is SVP, Director of Bus Development at Energy BBDO.

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