October 15, 2011 : Jordan Ho

October 15, 2011 : Jordan Ho

I love this city. Not just any city. This city.

That said, somehow today, I ended up in the burbs. The burbs are definitely NOT the city. Anyone who lives in Chicago knows that the burbs are out there. But unless you work out there (sorry), you never really intend to end up in the burbs unless you need IKEA or Bob Chinn's. Well, those are my reasons at least...

Living in the city of Chicago probably means that you love food, don't mind searching for parking and are used to random sunny days (I will focus on the positive, weather-wise.) But today, we had family in town and I ended up out in the burbs and the suburban version of these things came up. Let's address them one by one...

1. Food: While I love food, I don't really consider myself a foodie. I think all the McDonald's and Arby's (seriously, why aren't there more Arby's!?) I eat disqualifies me. Tonight, we're going to dinner at The Girl and the Goat, the epitome of good foodie food in Chicago. Today, I ate lunch buffet at Sweet Tomatoes... and liked it.

2. Parking: So, unless you're at Old Orchard or Woodfield during the holidays, for obvious reasons, it's easier in the burbs. But I think the key thing here is that parking your car once you find a spot isn't a war with the cars next to you. Banging doors and bumpers is just a part of parking in the city. So, I liked that too.

3. Weather: Well, a sunny day in the burbs is probably as enjoyable as a sunny day in the city. I think the suburbanites and us cityfolk are in the same boat here. So, we'll call that even.

So, yeah... I went to the burbs and liked it.
But... I still love this city.


About the author: Jordan Ho is the Founder/CEO of Pegmo. He lives in West Town with his awesome wife, crazy cat and LOTS of sneakers. Thus, @sneakstar.


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