October 14, 2011 : Erin Rottenberg

October 14, 2011 : Erin Rottenberg

Good morning. It's 8am and I have two sets of paws in my face; my pups have finally learned what my alarm is and I’m still not quite sure if it’s a blessing or a curse.  It's Friday so bagels before work are definitely a necessity this morning. It's a good thing I’m up early since there is a line all the way out the door.

For those of you whom are anything like me and barely notice what the date is; today it is official, fall is definitely here whether we like it or not. Typical Chicago weather; just 4 days ago it was 80 degrees outside and I was serving lunch on the patio with an hour long waitlist and today it is 52 degrees… Not that that stops any true Chicagoan. Here I am at work looking out the window still spotting people in shorts sitting outside Whispers Café and business lunches occurring outside on Rush Street.

Days like this it’s a lot easier to spot the tourists; they are the ones with heavy coats on looking at the rest of us like we are absolutely insane while, regardless of weather, Gold Coast fashion never fails. The streets are filled with faux fur vests, wedge booties, skinny jeans and riding boots.

Who needs to read fashion magazines when you can just watch your own personal fall fashion show walk past you?


About the author: Erin Rottenberg is a 25 year old currently living in a River North condo. She works as a Server/Bartender at various places around the downtown Chicago area.

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