October 13, 2011 : Dan Gershenson

October 13, 2011 : Dan Gershenson

I awaken to my face being licked by my Fox Terrier, Sarah. When you have a dog, you almost don’t need an alarm clock. When I take her out for a walk on this overcast, drizzly morning, I’m reminded by last night’s forecast from ABC’s Jerry Taft that we’ve seen our last day over 70 degrees this year.

I’ve got a few things on my plate to get done today – a proposal, mission statement and blog post on a client’s behalf. I’m one of those people who is lucky enough to work anywhere as long as there’s a laptop and Internet connection, so today happens to be from my home base in Lakeview.

In the background on the TV, Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins fame is talking on WGN about how the Cubs should hire Ryne Sandberg as Manager now that they’ve solidified things with Theo Epstein as GM. I say they need a rock solid pitching staff more than anything, but that’s just me.

My wife texts me that we have a Groupon to Erwin if we want to use it for dinner. I’ll bite. Lately I find my dining choices guided by these things and feel smarter for it. We’ve lived on practically every street in this neighborhood and while it’s always changing, it’s good to know there are some mainstays.

With the work on my plate wrapped up, I hop a Brown Line for an afternoon meeting in the Loop. The weather’s turning now for sure. But that’s OK. People like to take shots at our beastly Winters here, but take it from someone who has been there, done that in a warm climate - there’s so much more to life than weather. There’s people. And while you can get nice folks and jerks everywhere, I’m amazed by the kindness I’ve experienced from people here in business and in personal relationships. Other places may be warmer but I have never found a warmer collection of people than what we have in Chicago.

While traveling, Roger Ebert once said, “When I’m in another city, I feel like I’m having an affair.”

I know exactly what he means. I plan on being faithful.


About the author:  Dan Gershenson is a brand strategist with an obsession for his iPhone and the Chicago Bears. Follow him at @DanOnBranding or his blog at www.ChicagoBrander.com.


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