October 12, 2011 : Karin Thogersen

October 12, 2011 : Karin Thogersen

5:51 am

I am awakened by a text that says, "Zombies, mostly."  I've had zombies on my mind a lot recently. I started watching "The Walking Dead" the other day, and I can't stop thinking about what I would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. This isn't really normal behavior for me, so I'm a little disturbed to discover thoughts of zombies (and survival) encroaching on my day to day existence.

If I've learned anything from watching "The Walking Dead" it's that you should stay far, far away from large cities (i.e. Chicago). They are zones of zombie doom. You will die. I'm still not clear if zombies just want fresh meat or if they specifically want brains. And if you're taken down by a horde of zombies do they eat all of you? It seems like they must leave a fair amount un-eaten in order for there to be "hordes." If you live in the city, you should probably barricade yourself in your home and stockpile whatever supplies you need to survive (because you might not be able to get out anytime soon). Assess your situation carefully before you make any moves. Then...RUN AWAY – don’t take the EL!  Driving away would probably be faster and safer, but would it be better to take surface streets or I-90? Go somewhere with fewer people (fewer people = fewer potential zombies).

Can’t get away? Perhaps one could live indefinitely on a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan. Not only is it a source of fresh water, but it’s likely to be a zombie-free zone. Unless zombies can swim. Or survive underwater.  And if so, would they eventually pile up at the bottoms of lakes, creating zombie islands (much as volcanic eruptions deposit layers of lava)?

3:23 pm It was a beautiful day, which I spent mostly inside – a waste of the perfect fall weather we’re having. But I’m thankful for this building around me, the relative privacy and safety of my office (a zombie deterrent), and the absence (for now) of the undead.


About the author:  Karin spends her days answering questions at her library’s Reference Desk in order to support her rabbits in the style to which they are accustomed.  

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