October 1, 2011 : Marc Lichtenstein

October 1, 2011 : Marc Lichtenstein

@BreakingBurbs Say Chi City, do you know what day it is?

@SayChiCity Saturday

@BreakingBurbs It's Oct 1 This is ur month

@SayChiCity ???

@BreakingBurbs “Chicago is an October kind of city, even in spring”

@SayChiCity I love #NelsonAlgren

@BreakingBurbs reminds me of when we met. And how much I love you.

@SayChiCity *blushing*

@BreakingBurbs our 17 year anniversary is coming up

@SayChiCity doesnt make up for missing it last year

@BreakingBurbs sorry, i was back in NYC visiting the fam

@SayChiCity You owe me big time.

@BreakingBurbs I know it. You gave me my wife. My kids were born here. Spent most of my adult life here.

@SayChiCity and you moved away. Thanks

@BreakingBurbs please. I work in the Loop

@SayChiCity fine. So what do u luv about me?

@BreakingBurbs everything. The Midwest mind, the realness, the goodness, the badness “The Lake…big lake” : )

@SayChiCity quoting #16Candles gets u nowhere with me

@BreakingBurbs I love the way I felt the first time I got off the plane at Ohare. #home

@BreakingBurbs I love your angels #terkel #ebert #jordan #daley and your devils #theoutfit #ryanandblago #daley

@BreakingBurbs I luv the way I felt the first time I went to Wrigley Field. #hopeful #cubslose #hopeless #drunk

@SayChiCity u shoulda been a Sox fan #2005WS

@BreakingBurbs  I love how #DavidLetterman and #MNF are on 1 hour earlier than NY and LA

@SayChiCity Everybody hates my winters

@BreakingBurbs It filters out the wimps. #ifudontlikeitmovetoflorida

@SayChiCity true… true

@BreakingBurbs just don’t ever pull a 2/11 blizzard on me again

@SayChiCity #wimp you weren’t here for 1967

@BreakingBurbs I wish I was. I would have loved it.

@SayChiCity wow, you are a fool.

@BreakingBurbs I hate inbound traffic on LS Drive. But it’s the most beautiful view in the world.

@SayChiCity we’re nobody’s #secondcity. I always preferred the #thirdcoast

@BreakingBurbs for me you were love at first sight

@SayChiCity and I loved u back like one of my own. you feel me?

@BreakingBurbs always

@SayChiCity “When I go to Chicago I know I am home” #HankSauer

@BreakingBurbs “In my heart is where she’ll always be” #KanyeWest

@SayChiCity *blushing*

@BreakingBurbs I love you.

@SayChiCity I love you too.

@BreakingBurbs *blushing*


About the author: Marc Lichtenstein stuck a pin in a map and moved here on a lark. Been in love ever since. He is a family man living in the burbs (@breakingburbs) and an ad-man working in the city (@SayChiCity)


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