September 8, 2011: Elliot Hirsch

September 8, 2011: Elliot Hirsch

Today I'm in Portland.  Day nine, to be precise, of my three-month tour.

In nine more days, I head back to Chicago to get married to Michelle.  Needless to say, logistically speaking, this is not recommended by Easy Weddings Weekly.

Yes, yes.  I know.  In Portland, during wedding crunch time?

Today, I type this in a startup incubator in Portland.  I just got done talking to an amazingly successful campaign director, and before that, a senior systems engineer who helped us better define our approach.  Interacting with folks like this, among other benefits, made this an offer that couldn't be refused.  The timing?  Well, that was err…less than ideal.

Timing is never perfect -- with anything -- and you just need to go with it and make it work.  What every day drives home for us is that if you sit around waiting for the right time -- whether it be Michelle's PhD, me launching a startup, or this crazy trip to Portland -- you'll be back in diapers before that "right time" comes along, if at all. Just by then, the diapers will be of the adult variety.

A few minutes ago, Michelle and I spoke on the phone about our day, and made a few honeymoon-related decisions.  Before I left for Portland, we naturally assumed that being apart would be a big issue to overcome as far as wedding planning was concerned.  Amazingly, it was the exact opposite.  Since I have been here, we have been very deliberate about our planning and have really started knocking things out, which is a big deal for me.  I tend to want to "think about things" for a while.  A, long, while. You know - consider my options...

I suppose the point is that you never know what will happen, and there never will be a good time.  You just need to go with it and commit to making it work.  If you do, you will always be pleasantly surprised, and getting the full value of this adventure we all are living.

So - take the leap!  It will be awesome!


About the author:  Elliot Hirsch is the elated almost-husband of Dr. Michelle, Co-Founder and CEO of a new Chicago-based startup, serial entrepreneur and user experience designer.  Find him at or @ElliotHirsch.

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