September 29, 2011: Crissy Bruno

September 29, 2011: Crissy Bruno

Sigh....I woke up this morning with a bit of pain in my heart. Not the physical kind that would cause someone panic, but the emotional kind. Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, and the normal routine of the day felt a bit weird. For the past decade I have gotten ready for this day and headed out the door to attend services with my husband and children. Instead, I was attending with my ex-husband and children.

Two weeks ago my divorce was finalized. Although it was amicable and we still share the same living space, today has a bittersweet feel to it.

After making breakfast for the kids, I sat down with my cup of coffee to read the Sun-Times. Ozzie is out for the White Sox and the Cubs are barely even mentioned. Baseball season in Chicago is over. As I read one of the articles on Ozzie's departure, I see it mentioned that he and Jerry Reinsdorf had an emotional meeting and want the end to come on good terms.

It's that line that gets me choked up. Why a sports article on the Sox would do this I have no idea (especially since I love the Cubs!) So I finish my breakfast and head upstairs to take a shower and get ready. While in the shower, I begin to cry. Not just a sniffly cry, but a shake you to your core sob. The kind of cry you know is going to bring you cleansing and healing. When I got out of the shower, I felt just that, cleansed; renewed.

Although we got to services a little late, we sat down and proceeded to follow along. It was then that my ex-husband made eye contact with me and placed his hand on my shoulder to say, “hey, we will be alright.”

And, he's right, we will be.


About the author: Crissy Bruno (@polaricanjew) is a music lovin' special ed. teacher who enjoys snuggling with her 2 kids & spending time with her amazing friends.

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