September 28, 2011: John Geletka

September 28, 2011: John Geletka

Rain. Puddles. Dark Clouds.

Three days of it now. People walk around, heads down, hiding their frustration under the cover of umbrella. The water weighs down on the thin mix of plastic and cloth, the wind pushes hard in all directions, but everyone keeps walking. I do the same.

Each day now, I take the same path to work, cross the street at the same place and walk down the same side of the sidewalk - East on Chicago Ave, over the bridge to my place of business and shelter. Today was no different.

Before I arrived in the office, I took Tea at the Caribou, walked down Erie street to hide from the wind, opened the door to my building and took the elevator to the fourth floor upstairs. I had morning team status, misc. meetings, and an afternoon filled with busy work.  I’ll do the same thing tomorrow, and hopefully the next day.

The routine brings comfort from the chaos surrounding everything. Routines are often overlooked, ignored or taken for granted… but it’s sometimes the most tangible thing I can have. On a day like to day, while in the midst of a new routine, I look back and reflect on my old routines. On this day 2 years ago, I was walking down Michigan Ave after breakfast. On this day 4 years ago I had driven to the suburbs, listened to NPR for an hour on the way out, worked and dreaded the commute home. On this day 8 years ago I was on Michigan Ave at 5AM, rain, snow or shine, on my way to work and work out.

It makes me sad to know that I'll never have these individual routines again or the stability and support they provided…but there is one constant that will always be there. Chicago.


About the author: John Geletka is a painter, designer, marketer, explorer and technology nut. He exists in the digital word on twitter as @geletka.

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