September 27, 2011: Emily Nytko

September 27, 2011: Emily Nytko

I woke up this morning with complete dread. Your first day back to work after vacation is always the worst. Five more minutes, please! I don't want to be an adult today. Can't I just run away and live at my vacation destination?

I can't be the only one who goes through this struggle. Please, tell me you've felt this way too.

Ugh, the big city. Ugh, the traffic. Ugh, the tourists. Ugh, the RAIN! Being back from vacation sucks. Five more minutes, please! I don't want to go to work today.

But you know what? Something funny happened on my way in.

As I drove I realized that Chicago drivers are fantastic. Everyone here drives with purpose. Oh, what's that Mr. Jeep? Sure thing! You come on through. Why, yes! Everyone here understands the unwritten faster than posted, unspoken speed limits.

While walking, my eyes were re-opened to our city of big shoulders. I stood, child like, and dare I say tourist-like, clenching my latte and staring up at the gargantuan and magnificent structures before me. It almost looked all too surreal trough the misty rain. When was the last time I looked up? I couldn't even remember.

Speaking of tourists: not that bad. It seems like while here they take over the "Chicago frame of mind" which makes them okay in my book. Hey, thanks for walking quickly and consciously on the sidewalks. There's something about this city that brings everyone together.

Oh... and the sun actually came out during my lunch break. How about that? So much for a rainy Tuesday.

Thanks for the welcome home, Chicago. I think next time I'll take a staycation instead  leaving.


About the author: Emily (@enfusraye) spends her time enjoying craft beer, learning the art of domesticity, trying new restaurants, and being with friends.

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