September 26, 2011: Molly Stoltz

September 26, 2011: Molly Stoltz

It’s 7:30 am and I’m thinking about my lost cell phone and the gluten-free frozen waffles I’m having for breakfast. NPR is playing in the background. Ugh, Congress. I don’t even want to listen to their shutdown shenanigans, and I’m tired of the way they are treating U.S. citizens. I don’t play the radio for news but like hearing the murmur of voices because it reminds me of mornings in my North Dakota home when mom made breakfast cookies and I drove my siblings to school.

I pack my lunch of roasted carrots and parsnips, a pluot, grapes, peanuts, and pickled squash. Time to get groceries…

Luckily, my boss is having a good day or is at least commiserating with me after a bad experience at the bank and let me off of work to get my cell phone. Cell phone retrieved after walking 45 minutes and banging down the door of the yoga studio. Thought it was locked but it wasn’t… oops. Sorry for interrupting your class today, didn’t mean to be the crazy woman taking up your time.

Have you noticed how the squirrels in the neighborhood have become more frantic? I feel as though I’m squirreling things away for winter. I purchased a new coffee mug this morning on a whim, and just spent a ton at Target for new clothing. My pond snail Gary is feeling the change of weather and has decided to dig a hole in the gravel of his tank and hasn’t come out for a few days. Does this mean I won’t see him again until April?

Instead of ending my day making myself dinner and hanging at home, I’m heading to my favorite joint to have dinner and a couple of beers with my boy. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to all day, and I can’t wait to sink into my seat. Before that, I still have a to-do list- plan class, upload a video, send out emails. Sometimes the fact that time flies alarms me, but I always remind myself that life doesn’t pause and wait.

Goal of today- stay busy, but remember to smell the roses (or more appropriately, the pumpkin lattes).


About the author: Molly Stoltz (@etsysockmonkey) is a dancer/retail slave who enjoys herbal tea, vermicomposting, and pickling. She has a snail named Gary.


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