September 25, 2011: DJ Bassett

September 25, 2011: DJ Bassett
Image courtesy of Ian Brown (Flickr)

Sunday. The day of football and friends in Chicago. The day the Monsters of the Midway take the field to honor our proud city. The day that everyone enjoys karaoke because ever song is “Bear Down.”  I grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and today I call Old Town my home…but admittedly the Bears are not my favorite NFL team.  I am actually a MASSIVE Kansas City Chiefs fan, and I really don’t have a great story as to why, so just accept it.

The day started with rain, which eliminated any morning bike ride or jog on the lake shore, which I have slowly been growing to love.  Instead, I spent the morning with my face in a book reading up on consumer behavior.  You see, I am a grad student at DePaul University here in Chicago, studying Marketing Strategies in an effort to acquire an MBA.

The carefree weekends are now gone, as working consumes my weekdays, and grad school work consumes at least one day of my weekend.  So is the life of an ambitious business man. After about 2 hours catching up on the reading I should have done days ago, it’s time to check in with the NFL pregame team to find out what Jay Cutler is crying about now (not a huge fan, FYI).  We ease up to kickoff time as I head up two flights in my apartment to my buddy’s place, who has a better TV than me. In a few words, the Bears fell short of victory against the rival Packers.  Salt in the wound. Dignity lost.

As the game ends my buddy and I turn to violent video games to ease our pain, as the rain lets up and the evening clouds roll in.  A fitting end to the end of summer, and a cold usher into the famed Chicago winter. BRING IT ON!


About the author: DJ is an MBA student at DePaul University who loves sports, and equally hates sports. Bittersweet is the word of the day.

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