September 22, 2011: Alex Wilhelm

September 22, 2011: Alex Wilhelm

I was out last night. There was a company launching in the city, and so a lengthy dinner with a variety of wines was required. Then a few stops to see friends upon returning to Hyde Park were socially necessary, putting me back home past 2 in the morning. Needless to say today started a bit later than I would have liked.

When you work as a writer, as I do, days can blur. I had to check the calendar on my computer three times before I found out that it was Thursday. What can you do.

It’s a perfect Chicago afternoon. The final throws of the summer heat can still be felt, while the winds of winter are merely ghosts in the sky. What that means practically is that it’s not too damn hot, and you can walk outside without a sweater. We only get so many weeks like that a year around here. Perhaps three.

But days like today, full of work and the fumes of the night before are never in enough supply. I don’t think enough over what I have done, and spend too much time thinking about what I need to do. Today I am doing both, together, in harmony. I almost want to write a song about it.

Lunch was local. I go there so often that they know my voice over the phone and when I arrive line me up with a beverage on the house. The downside to a place like Chicago is that you can only become a regular at so many of its fine eating establishments. I think five in my neighborhood now know me by face, and can usually summon my name. It feels like the ‘50s.

The rest of today is set to be a mixture of Powerade and parties. Life, as they say, is good. If you are in in the loop tonight, look for the guy with rectangular glasses.


About the author: Alex is a technology journalist for The Next Web, a preeminent digital publication. He live in Hyde Park and avoids the CTA.

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