September 21, 2011: Margie Sutherland

September 21, 2011: Margie Sutherland

I’m at work out in Naperville. I’ve finished my umpteenth supplier negotiation over the past two weeks and I need a quick break. I went outside of the office for about 5 minutes and noticed how the leaves were changing on the trees. We’re not in fall yet, according to, but Chicago’s definitely already in the season; you can feel it.

When we’re in fall here in Chicago the humidity drops almost instantly, or so it seems. The air is crisp, not necessarily cool, or sweater weather, but refreshingly different. We LOVE being outside in early fall because of this weather.

I love watching the leaves change color on the trees.. Every year I like to go somewhere I can enjoy the changes fall brings. This time last year I went to South Bend to watch the Notre Dame vs. Stanford football game.  The leaves, the Notre Dame campus, the dome, the stadium, Touchdown Jesus, the marching band, even the smell of hamburgers grilling outside several dorms there - you can’t beat that pregame fall experience on the Notre Dame campus.

If you went to Saint Mary’s College or to Notre Dame you know what I’m talking about. Walking from Saint Mary’s to Notre Dame for games while the leaves are changing – again priceless. Anyone remember the fat squirrels on campus? A lot has changed there since we went to school there 20 years ago, fellow Chicagoans that is for sure, but the experience on a pregame football Saturday remains the same.

Oh fall. I love you. I want to play hooky I’m too nostalgic right now. Someone get me a cheeseburger, not just any old cheeseburger but one that's cheap, thin and grilled fast outside of Walsh Hall. I’ll eat it on the way to the stadium. And paint a green shamrock on my cheek while you’re at it. Beer me. What the heck.

Well, if I can’t do that this year then I guess I’ll go somewhere like the Morton Arboretum soon to enjoy the trees. Or maybe I’ll just lie down in the grass on a blanket and enjoy the view from Walsh Park in Bucktown, and bring my own cheeseburger.


About the author: Margie Sutherland (@swimtrisail) is a Procurement and Supply Chain Strategy Consultant. In her spare time she writes here at Swim Tri Sail Chicago. She tries to live a healthy lifestyle, trains for triathlons, dislikes running but loves to swim. She sails when she can and hopes Indian summer will provide her with one last opportunity to cruise on Lake Michigan and enjoy the Chicago skyline.

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