September 18, 2011: D. Mike Kelly

September 18, 2011: D. Mike Kelly

Ran 20 miles today.  Yep, that pretty much sums up my day, and it actually was the story for many people in Chicago today.  It is three weekends before the Chicago Marathon, and this will be the longest run I will complete until 10/9/11...Marathon Sunday!

If you spend a day in Chicago, it is impossible to not see people running.  Well, impossible if the weather is 45-80 degrees, and there isn't a thunderstorm.  Basically, 100 of the 365 days each year.  Many of these people likely are casual runners...but somehow a good majority of them make a decision to run the marathon.

While many people decide to do the marathon from watching how inspirational and amazing the actually Chicago Marathon event is, most people keep running marathons because of days like I had today.  Today was the perfect day for seeing our beautiful city on our run.  Guess how many people got together to run 20 miles with me today?  35?   350?

Nope...3,500 other runners swarmed the lakeshore at 6:30 am to get this done.  Few people have seen as much of Chicago as we did.  We ran from Hollywood Beach to The South Shore Cultural center, which is south of the University of Chicago.

What did I see on my run?  How about some bizzaro Will Ferrell guy in a brown cut off shirt hitting a cowbell over and over?  Lululemon Cheering Station with girls putting their cell phone numbers on signs that say "call me when you finish!"  And, a great post reception where I got to see my friends as they finished and hang out with my coworkers as we answered injury questions.  Not to mention Goose Island giving out free 312 beer.  Sounds like a great day to me.

To top it all off, we finished up the morning with brunch with our running friends where we won a free cherry pie!  Talked about Millionaire Matchmaker, work, future parties and things going on in Chicago.

Finally went home for naptime! Now through blurry eyes, and with tired legs...blogging!

And tomorrow, I'll do it all over again.


About the author: D. Mike Kelly is physical therapist for DePaul University and Lincoln Park Athletic Club.  On the side, he is an  avid marathoner, conversationalist, runner, blogger, yelper, and  media consumer.  He landed in Chicago 7 years ago, and has been fixing people and hitting the social scene since.

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