September 10, 2011: Pam Spano

September 10, 2011: Pam Spano

It's a sunny and cool day this morning in Chicago and it definitely has an effect on my mood.  Unfortunately, I have to be at work in a little while, and I have a million things to do here at home.  I decide to clean up an area with numerous papers, paid bills, books and some pictures that have piled up on a small table before I leave.

As I sort through the stuff, the pictures stop me.  They always do.  I love to look at old photographs of family and friends.  I sit down and start to look through them when I run across the one accompanying this blog.  It was taken by my father when I was three (circa 1955) at Montrose Beach.

I don't remember much about that day except rolling down those endless hills there.  The little girl in the picture is spending the day with her daddy, running and rolling.
My father is no longer with us and I think on the eve of September 11, a lot of people are looking at pictures and thinking of loved ones that are no longer with them.

I realize that time is of the essence and I have to be at work so I quickly do a "ten second tidy."  As I head out the door, I take one last look at the little blond girl in the pretty blue dress and I say to her: "Killer shoes, girlie!"


About the author: Pam Spano is a 59 year old married mother of three.  She writes a blog for ChicagoNow entitled Being Catholic ... Really.  You can reach her at @siblingless or on her Facebook page for Being Catholic Really.

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