August 8, 2011 : Carmen C. Rivera

August 8, 2011 : Carmen C. Rivera

Manic Monday.

My weekend was full of fun. BUT, today, it’s Monday.  I always wondered why this is the most hectic day of the week. Always a Monday.

I usually don’t mind my demanding life. I actually thrive off of it, usually.

However, this manic Monday, I’m overly busy.  Busy, but not crazed enough not to mention the foolishness that is the US economy, the helicopter that went down in Afghanistan (my brother is a Green Beret stationed there. I LOVE YOU EDWARD!) that’s still being discussed today, nor the little girl that was shot dead last night as she slept on her grandmother’s sofa (those involved will pay). It’s all I have to say on the matters.

I heard these things and more at the start of my day today. However, I refuse not dwell on things out of my control. I will mention them and pray for all those involved but never dwell. That is how I keep going. With all that’s crazy in the world, in my life and in my home, I can only control.

It’s a simple first day of the week, along with a smoldering HOT morning or a stormy, rainy afternoon. My world is spinning ‘round and ‘round. I’ve got lots to take care of. That’s the pace that keeps me going every day.

I’m a happily unmarried, mother of 3 boys (21, 16 and 3), that writes to fulfill my passion (and calm my nerves) who works at one of the former media giants of the world. It makes my life anything but boring.

Today was the day for not only work (what I now refer to as “crap”), but school, some computer re-structuring, and a visit to a relative at the hospital and creating what I love. Pieces of my life to share.  There was NO down time for me today, not a moment to spare.

I cook, I clean, I tend to, I work, I struggle, I watch, I listen, I hope, I pray, everyday. The sun is down on my manic Monday today. No matter what, I’m hopeful there are more days like today at the very least it’s gone and tomorrow will come.


About the author: Carmen C. Rivera (@Carmen and @enChicagoblog) is a protective mother of 3, social media passionista, news addict, home grown Chicago lover.

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