August 4, 2011 : Beth Prystowsky

August 4, 2011 : Beth Prystowsky

This morning I was woken just as the sun was rising by two energetic children.  I felt tired and stressed so we headed for a walk with our dog, before it got too warm out, so I could clear my head.  Everyone seemed happy this morning, the sticky 100 degree heat had subsided and the hope of the festival heavy weekend was ahead.   The smiles of the dog walkers, students, nannies and businessmen seemed contagious.

My babysitter usually comes over on Thursdays, but today she cancelled on me at the last minute.  I worried how I would accomplish my long to do list with my little ones in tow.  Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised as every store we entered from the little boutique Mint Julep on Southport, to the yoga studio on Milwaukee Avenue my kids behaved and seemed welcome in the establishments.

Driving home on Elston near Morton’s Salt factory, we watched a lady stop her Range Rover to allow a family of ducks to slowly cross the road.  I waved and honked to thank her for slowing down and saving this family’s life.

Tonight at dinner my five year old and I talked about helping others.  He suggested donating some of his Legos to kids who do not have as many toys as he has.  I gave him a big hug and, as if in a movie, heard the familiar sound from my childhood of the ice cream truck.

We all ran outside to flag him down and choose our dessert. Sitting on the front steps my family enjoyed ice cream on a warm summer evening surrounded by our neighbors.

I know I will go to bed tonight much more content than when I woke up.


About the author: Beth Prystowsky is a grateful mother, wife, yoga teacher, writer and lifelong Chicagoan.  She can be found on twitter @upsdownsyogamom and at


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  • It is the little things that really make the difference and you are lucky to be able to recognize them.

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