August 29, 2011 : Brian Moschel

August 29, 2011 : Brian Moschel

Walking outside this morning I noticed the distinct smell of Fall. I'm not even sure how to describe that odor, but you can't miss it. Its like a tiny crispness in the air that tells me in a foreboding voice: "Enjoy this for a few more days". Fall in Chicago is my favorite season. Fall means football in the park, Da Bears, long sleeve tshirts, leaf piles, dog parks, and loving every minute you spend outside. Fall is like the retirement age of seasons. You know winter is coming, so you don't take a single day for granted.

For me, Winter is about survival, Summer is about overwhelming fun, Spring is about anticipation, and Fall is the season of reflection. While I'm walking my dogs, I think about where I am, where I've been, and where I'm going.

Compared to this time last year, my small consulting business has 400% more clients and employees than it did. I travel 800% more often than I did. As of a few weeks ago, I drink coffee. I've been dating my girlfriend for 200% longer than this time last year. We have 200% more dogs (2) than we did last year (1). Life is moving fast. I'm happy. I'm also insanely busy. I complain about stress, but this is good stress. If I don't feel challenged, I get bored.

I wish I could spend the whole day outside, running on the lake shore, dog parks, enjoying this weather. I wish I could blog, work out, read, and cook more. I wish I could spend more time at Chicago festivals, concerts, and restaurants.  But part of me knows you can't really have all that stuff and a career that is challenging & satisfying without going through a few years of insanity first.

Fall is here. I can't wait for lazy NFL sundays and windbreaker jackets. I've come a long way, but I have a long way to go.


About the author: Brian Moschel.  JavaScript Consultant, Jupiter Consulting, dog rollerblader, die hard Bulls/Bears fan, aspiring amateur chef. @brianmoschel

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