August 28, 2011 : Christine Whitley

August 28, 2011 : Christine Whitley

Sunday Breakfast is my favorite thing about Chicago and my favorite thing about Sunday. Edgewater, my neighborhood, has some of the best places on earth for breakfast: A fact that I typically fail to appreciate until I’m visiting other places where the options are Kitschy Chain Restaurant A or Kitschy Chain Restaurant B. Do I sound like an urban snob? I guess I am.

Before I had kids I loved sleeping in late, going for brunch, and coming home to read, study or nap. Brunch meant delicious food and gossipy recaps of the previous night’s indiscretions. Laundry would get done eventually. Chores could wait. There was plenty of time, and so little to do. I am not kidding when I say that brunch was the highlight of my week.

Today my schedule is dominated by the little dictators who pose as my children. They were up this morning at 7:00 am, ready to march and conquer the world. They have no interest in exploring the next best place on earth for breakfast. They’re hungry now! Motherhood means no more sleeping in late on weekends but it also means no ridiculous two-hour wait times when you’re starving!

There weren’t any juicy indiscretions to dissect over coffee this morning. Our conversation topics were G-rated and mostly about ninjas. I think Hogwarts was also mentioned as well as a debate about whether its better to be a ninja or a wizard.

My daughter’s favorite breakfast place is The Little Corner Restaurant, the diner at the end of our block. We walk down Thorndale and wait for the light to change at Broadway. That light takes forever. Or maybe it just seems that way because I'm hungry? The food is nothing fancy at the diner but the waitress knows us. The cook makes smiley-face pancakes which she’s sure are just for her and once the waitress let her look in the little window to the kitchen. My daughter’s delight in such things is wonderful to behold. Motherhood means noticing the little things, sharing in the magic of a child’s discovery, and being reminded of beauty you forgot was there long ago.


About the author: Christine Whitley (@2pinklines) arrived 6 weeks early to her own birthday and has been in a hurry ever since. She was surprised to find herself arriving late to marriage, motherhood, and blogging. She lives in Chicago with her husband and 2 daughters.

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