August 26, 2011 : Chris Brown

August 26, 2011 : Chris Brown

The image in this post is a perfect summation of the day and my current personal state.  Everyone has had one of those days where the stars sort of align and everything comes together (be it positive or negative).  Well let’s quickly recap my day.

5:15a.m. – Daily alarm goes off. Time to go to the gym.

5:45a.m. – Car starts and the radio is pumping out DJ Khaled’s “Fed Up”

6:00a.m. - Upon beginning my workout I realize that I can barely string together a set. Must be a Friday, my body is taxed. Maximum output has been exceeded.

7:45a.m. – First email of the day sent. Wait no it's not – “Your mail file has exceeded the warning size threshold…”

8:30a.m. – Did I mention its Friday?! The week of August 21st work week will soon have reached its max capacity.

10:30a.m. – Marketing communication previously approved by legal that has gone to press now isn’t legally approved by legal. Patience exceeded.

11:15a.m. – Don’t you love process meetings to put a process in place, to implement a process of a process that is currently broken? Meeting time exceeded. I’m walking out.

Can you tell where the theme of my day is going?

12:30pm – Lunch Time. All you can eat Chinese and Sushi buffet in China Town!

1:00pm – Caloric intake for the day exceeded.

3:00pm – Japanese Prime Minister Resigns – Apparently his reign has exceeded today too.

4:31pm – I have exceeded the amount of time “required” to be at work (*cursing the VPN gods*). Time to go home.

5:00p.m. – My buddies arrived. Birthday celebration time for one of them. Alcohol consumption will inevitably be exceeded. Rush and Division tonight. Lincoln Park Saturday. Cheers!


About the author: Chris Brown. Consumer Activation Coordinator, High School Basketball Coach, and Fantasy Football Guru. @kobekid40


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