August 25, 2011 : Matt Maroni

August 25, 2011 : Matt Maroni

The day starts early, a screaming alarm clock and a blackberry buzzing. It only starts early because the night before was late. But it’s the life of an entrepreneur that allows for the days and weeks to fly in love of the game.  The game that you ask of, the restaurant game and being able to build something out of nothing where few people make it and many fail.  It’s a constant cycle to uphold standards and the moving parts outweigh the stable ones.

Coffee is a way to start the day…iced (it's still summer), followed by emails and twitter updates (the building blocks of our business). We may serve food but we are in the relationship business with our customers and colleagues.

A drive north to check on the staff at the gaztro-wagon and have some laughs with them always gives me a good start to the day.  Every employee is key to our success whether they see it or not, but I always reaffirm that they are as important as I.  Quality checks and timing is the model that we have built for the Food truck and shop.  Continuous playing with new ideas and flavor combinations allow for us to stay ahead of the curve. Social Media is a beast with the gaztro-wagon as a leading food truck in Chicago, we communicate at certain points in the day to get our message across. It may just be a platform that people use to communicate but we use it to push our business.  Truck rolls out to the Aon Center and I am off to Morso.

As Morso opened 2 days ago I have moved away from contractors, electricians, credit departments and on to the day-to-day. Breads are being made, orders received and staff rolling in to produce a different experience than the Truck and shop.  We have a roof over our heads and staff that have different skill sets that come together to make it a whole experience.  From cocktails to snacks, wine flights to tasting menus  Morso builds a dining experience where the customer is in control of there meal…not a chef or restaurateur.

I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.


About the author: Matt Maroni : Chef/Owner Gaztro-wagon @wherezthewagon : Chef/Partner Morso Restaurant  @morsochicago: Ringleader @chicagofoodtrux

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