August 24, 2011 : Gabe McDonough

August 24, 2011 : Gabe McDonough

Here’s what went into my ears (for better or worse) at 35 W. Wacker today:

Chairlift Something LP -- DIGGING it. Singer Caroline Polachek is singing more upfront now and “I Belong in Your Arms” is a massive synth pop hit.

Danny Brown “Monopoly” -- I’m about 15 years too old to catch a vibe off this.

War On Drugs Slave Ambient LP-- REALLY good. Spacey Tom Petty might be the best reference? No matter how much people knock Pitchfork, they’ve turned me on to a lot of great records.

Metro Area“Dance Reaction”—2002 track that iTunes shuffle pulled up that still sounds super fresh. Brings back memories of working at Thrill Jockey in Pilsen where we distributed the earliest Metro Area 12”s.

Shooter Jennings “Outlaw You”-- John Tosch of Chicago management powerhouse Overcoat (Swell Season, Iron and Wine, Frames, Calexico) sent me a link to this tune that knocks all the “fake” outlaws in Nashville. I get it Shooter, but as Steve Earle said when he was in our office a couple weeks back, “Country music IS pop music and always has been.”

The Rapture “Blue Bird”— Tune from their new record is a departure from their previous work and an epic builder. This WILL be in an ad in the next year.

Valerie and Nick “I’ll Find You”—Early Nick Ashford (R.I.P.) posted in his honor on Facebook by Windy City Soul Club don Ben Pirani.

Radio People Hazel LP – Streamed at the excellent Self-Titled blog. Great working music. Kosmiche synth styles.

Fleetwood Mac Blues Jam in Chicago LP—getting in the mood for our gig Saturday with Blackbelts

Wilco The Whole Love LP—I’ve ranted about this forever. Album of the year from one of the great American (CHICAGOAN) bands ever.

Ximena Sariana “Different”—A definitive ad song if I ever heard one.

Class Actress Rapproacher LP—similar feel as the Chairlift LP that started the day but with more of a seedy-ish Pet Shop Boys vibe. Love.


About the author: Gabe McDonough (@gabemcdonough) is VP, Music Director at Leo Burnett. The only thing he loves more than tunes are his three red-headed roommates.

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